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Recruiting Talent Through Social Media

By Sean Dailey, Ytel  |  

Are your recruiting efforts running dry? There are a few ways you can utilize social media to look more polished and branded online. This strategy will help allocate candidates thr...

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Intertwining SMS & Social Media: Optimal Lead...

By Nicole Schouten, Ytel  |  

Given the fact that our phones are virtually always within arm's reach, now is the time for your marketing team to bank on all things mobile. With SMS open rates at 98% and social ...

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Lead Gen Challenges: Engaging Prospects

By Michelle Burson, Ytel  |  

Marketers have a pretty tough path to follow - once you've roped in a new prospect, how are you going to ensure that they're staying engaged? Creating a sales funnel gets you throu...

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Personalization is (Still) King in Marketing

By Tyler Holliday, Ytel  |  

Personalizing a marketing campaign is far easier said than done, but it's really the best way to stay relevant in an age of constant distraction. Consumers get better and better at...

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Industry Use Cases for SMS Marketing

By Adam Johnson, Ytel  |  

The beauty of SMS is simple - not only is it universally used, but can serve literally every industry in the market. Sending a text is a much more efficient, cost effective, and st...

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5 Ways Chat Bots Benefit Sales & Marketing Te...

By Hanna Walther, Ytel  |  

The way we communicate is constantly changing; a fact we take for granted in a world where email now seems positively antiquated. For businesses, it is time to rethink the ideal me...

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Tips to Run a Successful Sales Promotion

By Jeremy Bradley, Ytel  |  

Running a successful sales promotion is a fantastic way to drum up new business! There are many factors that go into running a promotion that take a decent amount of planning and d...

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Boost Customer Retention & Engagement via SMS

By Brandon Wells, Ytel  |  

Using SMS as a marketing channel means more than just lead generation and closing more deals. It can also provide a strong sounding board for customer retention, brand exposure, an...

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Stop Clogging Your Sales Pipeline: Lead Valid...

By Ytel  |  

In the world of sales, more isn’t always better — especially when you’re talking about leads. Tasking salespeople with more leads, without any sort of lead validation, only wastes ...

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RCS: Suggested Actions for Lead Generation

By Tyler Holliday, Ytel  |  

By now you're probably familiar with the term RCS and the wave of change it's bringing to technology and communication on a global scale. RCS opens huge doors for marketing and sal...

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