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Industry Use Cases for SMS Marketing

By Adam Johnson, Ytel  |  

The beauty of SMS is simple - not only is it universally used, but can serve literally every industry in the market. Sending a text is a much more efficient, cost effective, and st...

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Chat Bots vs. Humans: The UX Grudge Match

By Matt Grofsky, Ytel  |  

The more companies that pivot towards prioritizing user experience for their customers, the more relevant machine learning and chat bots become. We've seen a big upswing in the cha...

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SMS for Customer Service Teams

By Alex Treichler, Ytel  |  

The modern tendency towards sending more SMS than email or phone calls simultaneously creates challenges – and opportunities – for companies that take pride in their customer servi...

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SMS Campaigns: Compliance Guidelines

By Brian Keep, Ytel  |  

Sending SMS marketing campaigns can be a hugely successful way for businesses to communicate with their audience. The biggest (and arguably, most complex) factor here is following ...

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Universal Adoption for RCS Expected by 2020

By Michelle Burson, Ytel  |  

With RCS on the horizon on a universal level in the coming years, the best move for businesses that send SMS and plan to implement RCS is simple - preparation. We're sharing a few ...

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Ringless Voicemail Compliance Guidelines

By Jeremy Bradley, Ytel  |  

Marketing over the phone gets a bad rap, there's no denying it. With newer technologies like ringless voicemail emerging in the market, it's important to stay ahead of the curve wi...

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Why Won't My SMS Deliver or Convert?

By Richard Kaplan, Ytel  |  

Having trouble getting all the touch points within your SMS campaign to connect? Delivery can be a big roadblock for businesses who aren't well-versed in the rules and regulations ...

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RCS Offers Brand Ownership Via Mobile Reach

By Hanna Walther, Ytel  |  

Google’s new Rich Communication Services (RCS) messaging platform is a stellar combination of the worldwide reach of SMS and the unique and engaging features of messaging apps. RCS...

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RCS: Suggested Actions for Lead Generation

By Tyler Holliday, Ytel  |  

By now you're probably familiar with the term RCS and the wave of change it's bringing to technology and communication on a global scale. RCS opens huge doors for marketing and sal...

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The SMS Marketing Toolkit For Businesses

By Patrick Kennedy, Ytel  |  

In the convoluted and noisy world of marketing, here are the five things every business needs to check off in order to launch and run a successfully converting SMS campaign. This i...

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