Craft a Highly Converting Ringless Voicemail Script

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Arguably the most important part of a ringless voicemail campaign is the script used to deliver said voicemail. Crafting a converting script is definitely an art form; there are several contributing factors that are important in order to qualify your leads!

Crafting a converting script is definitely an art form; there are several contributing factors that are important in order to qualify your leads.


1. Ask for what you want

Don't waste precious time in your message with a long-winded company description; get right to the point! Whether you're looking for a call back, offering 20% with a particular discount code, or need more information from a customer, lead with this. Getting the attention of your audience is one of many hurtles, but you have to hook them early!

2. Give contact info twice

Providing your contact information more than once increases the chances you'll get a response from a ringless voicemail. Particularly for phones that don't have voicemail transcription, getting that callback number (if it differs from the number you initially called from) is essential. 

3. Keep it concise (~30 seconds is the sweet spot) 

Don't overload your audience with information, options, updates and as much news you can squeeze into 30-45 seconds. Have a focused message to share, and don't stray from that. Keep the CTA enticing by alluding to more information upon a callback.

4. Explain what your value is

Don't beat around the bush. Share your offering and what value this will add, and let that be it. For example, let's say you're a realtor working in a particular region where you know a lot of first time home buyers are currently renting apartments. 

Your value add could be something like:
"I can help you cut closing costs by 5% and I'll work with your tenant on your lease break, potentially covering the cost for you." 

5. Keep it natural 

6.  If the voice message sounds like a recording, or like you're reading from a script, your callback rates will dip. Consumers are looking for a human interaction, where the person on the other end is an actual human who can relate to them and understands the value in their business. Make your script personable and friendly! Talk in your natural voice and use words you're comfortable with in normal conversation. 

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