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Department Planning: Next Year's Strategy

Tyler Holliday, Ytel |  
2018 is coming... are you prepared? A huge priority as the year draws to a close is building out next year's plan. Maybe you're ahead of the game and have been working on this all quarter; if not, now is your time to jump in head first. Read on for a few tips and ideas to get your team on board for the department-wide goals for 2018. 

A huge priority as the year draws to a close is building out next year's plan. Read on for a few tips and ideas to get your team on board for the department-wide goals for 2018.

Highlight mistakes made & lessons learned

What tough lessons were learned this year? How can your team learn, grow and move forward from those lessons? Even making a list of what you did right and wrong to continue with successful processes and campaigns will start you out on the right foot. 

Brainstorm your KPIs

When company goals are transparent within each department, it becomes much simpler to build out a KPI plan because you have something to go off. Decide on your team's KPIs and get them on a dashboard or a shared space so team members can always refer back to them.  

Discuss Hiring

Will you be adding new team members to your department in the new year? Department planning and expansion are to be expected each year. If so, are there processes in place to find the right candidates for the job and then set them up for success once they're hired? Ensure you are ready for new hires by evaluating your onboarding process and see what attention it needs.

Evaluate Processes

How process-oriented is your company and your department? Building process is important as you grow so nothing falls through the cracks. Develop new processes your team sees fit. 

Get the Team's Buy-In

You won't have a successful start to the new year without a total buy in from everyone in your department. Talk about any issues they see coming to fruition, what needs to be addressed and where you can help each member improve.

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