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3 Keys to Successfully Brand Your Business

Hanna Walther, Ytel |  

Branding your business makes all the difference in a world of instant gratification for consumers. You have new competition entering the market on a daily basis. In order to retain any loyalty, customers need to remember exactly what your company represents. Here are four keys to successfully branding your business in the highly competitive modern business landscape.

Branding your business makes all the difference in a world of instant gratification for consumers. In order to retain any loyalty, customers need to remember exactly what your company represents.

Believe it or not, your first responders are the people who will actually define the brand of your company. Your marketing department may organize the language of the slogan and draw the logo, but your customers are the people who give you the idea. In order to find out what this idea is, you must survey your best customers to figure out exactly why they choose your company in the first place. If you are just starting your company, your survey efforts should answer the question, "What are my best customers looking for from me?"

Keep in mind that you can obtain these results more quickly through social media. You may even look into observing your competitors to see where holes in the market exist. Your brand should be based around the primary reason that your best customers choose your products and services. Here's a great post on ways to brand your business through storytelling. 

Follow Your Crowd

Your brand will evolve as time moves on, because your audience may change. However, the basic guidelines of your brand should always remain the same, even if you are marketing to a new demographic. You need to follow your ideal crowd so that you always know what is happening in your market. Your brand should stay ahead of these changes in order to maintain its place in the market.

Keep up with your best customers no matter what. Your first responders will influence the rest of your consumer base to remain loyal as long as your brand continues to appeal to the most important buyers. You will also be able to assess changes in your consumer base most quickly through an assessment of your first responders, and these changes will influence the nuances of your brand positioning.

Match Your Platforms

Modern marketing means that you need to showcase your company on multiple platforms. It is likely that new customers will access your company from many platforms before making the decision to purchase. You need to be sure that you are showcasing the same message on all platforms so that people view you as consistent. This may be difficult considering the formats of competing social media platforms; however, it is definitely a good investment to outsource the formatting of your message.

Keep Your Vision

Your logos may change. Your color scheme might need to be tweaked after months or years. You may even revise your slogan based on new competition, social pressure or a new product line. However, the vision for what you provide for your audience should never change. You must understand the basic reason that people stay with your brand and deliver this message back to them in terms of your vision. If you retain this, you will be able to brand your business regardless of market conditions.

Branding your business is essential to your longevity. Keep the tips above in mind for your long term strategy, and give your audience every excuse in the world to stay with you!

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Hanna Walther, Ytel

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Hanna manages Ytel's Communications strategy and has worked in Marketing for five years. She has a Master's in Communications and is passionate about connecting customers and businesses by building authentic relationships online.

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