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Apps for Sales Teams to Stay Organized

Tyler Holliday, Ytel |  
What apps are you using to stay organized and ahead of the game? With the steady influx of mobile apps entering the market all the time, it can be difficult to stay on top of the latest and greatest. We're summing up some of our favorite apps for sales teams in this post! 

With the steady influx of mobile apps entering the market all the time, it can be difficult to stay on top of the latest and greatest. We're summing up some of our favorite apps for sales teams in this post!


Capture, organize, and share notes from anywhere using Evernote. Make lists, take notes on calls, save PDFs or product sheets, even scan and house business cards with the premium version! Evernote has been around for years now because of the productivity it fosters and the success its users find within the application. Evernote syncs with all your devices and allows you to share notes with friends. What more could you want from an app to stay organized and ahead of the game?


Are you sick of hearing us talk about Slack yet? It might be Ytel's most-used mobile app! When you're on the go, nothing is easier than using Slack to keep in touch with your team back at the office. Post updates, create group chats or keep it private. Slack also integrates with tons of other technology platforms on the market today, making the window of opportunity for your business even wider. 

Podcast App 

If you travel a lot for work, podcasts are potentially your best friend. Discover hundreds of thousands of downloadable podcasts, from thought-provoking stories to hilarious interviews to sports and politics. Keep yourself informed on industry trends while on the road or simply gain some motivation from all the great (free!) content uploaded on the Podcast app. You can also subscribe and download individual podcasts to listen later. 


Ever been on a sales call or in a meeting, wishing you were recording everything so you could refer back to it later? We've all been there, and you can avoid that disgruntled feeling with the Recorder app for iPhone. Record memos, discussions, interviews, and more with the one-touch app and have it all stored on your phone. Easy peasy!


Whether you're at a trade show attracting prospects to your booth with imagery and product screenshots, or giving an on-site demo... Keynote creates stunning visual displays that will impress your potential clients and keep the conversation flowing. It's easy to build new presentations, drop in animation and screenshots, along with text and other visual elements. Share with your team and collaborate on the same presentation simultaneously. 


Tallie is a paperless, automated, integrated, and error free  mobile app we swear by at Ytel. What else could a salesperson want out of expense software? It's so easy to use. Simply upload a picture of your receipt and submit for approval. It removes the headache of paperwork and keeping track of receipts while you're on the go. Snap, submit, done! 


Dragon is an easy-to-use voice recognition app that allows you to easily speak and instantly see your texts and emails, and respond up to 5 times faster than you would typing on the keyboard. Increased productivity, here you come! A great tool for on the go travel, while out and about in  between meetings, or even on demos. Free to download for both iOS & Android! 

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