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Chat Bots Remove Need for Human Repetition

By Jon Molina, Ytel  |  

Chat bots can help automate tasks that need to be done frequently and at the right time. For humans, doing the same tasks repeatedly can often lead to boredom and eventually error....

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Tech Integrations Create Opportunities for Bu...

By Patrick Kennedy, Ytel  |  

Highly successful entrepreneurs and business leaders tend to have one thing in common. They look beyond the simple nuts and bolts operations and see a much bigger picture. When a n...

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5 Ways Chat Bots Benefit Sales & Marketing Te...

By Hanna Walther, Ytel  |  

The way we communicate is constantly changing; a fact we take for granted in a world where email now seems positively antiquated. For businesses, it is time to rethink the ideal me...

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Tips to Run a Successful Sales Promotion

By Jeremy Bradley, Ytel  |  

Running a successful sales promotion is a fantastic way to drum up new business! There are many factors that go into running a promotion that take a decent amount of planning and d...

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Chat Bots vs. Humans: The UX Grudge Match

By Matt Grofsky, Ytel  |  

The more companies that pivot towards prioritizing user experience for their customers, the more relevant machine learning and chat bots become. We've seen a big upswing in the cha...

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Boost Customer Retention & Engagement via SMS

By Brandon Wells, Ytel  |  

Using SMS as a marketing channel means more than just lead generation and closing more deals. It can also provide a strong sounding board for customer retention, brand exposure, an...

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Positivity In The Workplace

By Nicole Schouten, Ytel  |  

How great would it be to wake up Monday morning pumped to go to work? Could it ever be possible? We think so. Given that close to half (if not more) of our waking hours are spent a...

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SMS for Customer Service Teams

By Alex Treichler, Ytel  |  

The modern tendency towards sending more SMS than email or phone calls simultaneously creates challenges – and opportunities – for companies that take pride in their customer servi...

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Stop Clogging Your Sales Pipeline: Lead Valid...

By Ytel  |  

In the world of sales, more isn’t always better — especially when you’re talking about leads. Tasking salespeople with more leads, without any sort of lead validation, only wastes ...

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SMS Campaigns: Compliance Guidelines

By Brian Keep, Ytel  |  

Sending SMS marketing campaigns can be a hugely successful way for businesses to communicate with their audience. The biggest (and arguably, most complex) factor here is following ...

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