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SMS for Customer Service Teams

By Alex Treichler, Ytel  |  

The modern tendency towards sending more SMS than email or phone calls simultaneously creates challenges – and opportunities – for companies that take pride in their customer servi...

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Stop Clogging Your Sales Pipeline: Lead Valid...

By Ytel  |  

In the world of sales, more isn’t always better — especially when you’re talking about leads. Tasking salespeople with more leads, without any sort of lead validation, only wastes ...

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SMS Campaigns: Compliance Guidelines

By Brian Keep, Ytel  |  

Sending SMS marketing campaigns can be a hugely successful way for businesses to communicate with their audience. The biggest (and arguably, most complex) factor here is following ...

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Universal Adoption for RCS Expected by 2020

By Michelle Burson, Ytel  |  

With RCS on the horizon on a universal level in the coming years, the best move for businesses that send SMS and plan to implement RCS is simple - preparation. We're sharing a few ...

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Navigating Post-Grad Life: Interviewing, Resu...

By Nicole Schouten, Ytel  |  

So you have your cap and gown and you’re waiting for your diploma to arrive in the mail... so now what? “The world is your oyster!" But what does that even mean, and where do you s...

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Ringless Voicemail Compliance Guidelines

By Jeremy Bradley, Ytel  |  

Marketing over the phone gets a bad rap, there's no denying it. With newer technologies like ringless voicemail emerging in the market, it's important to stay ahead of the curve wi...

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Why Won't My SMS Deliver or Convert?

By Richard Kaplan, Ytel  |  

Having trouble getting all the touch points within your SMS campaign to connect? Delivery can be a big roadblock for businesses who aren't well-versed in the rules and regulations ...

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Culture Spotlight: Ytel Featured in Cal Biz J...

By Nick Newsom, Ytel  |  

Culture has always been at the forefront of who Ytel is as a company. From the top down, our team places a strong emphasis on creating a place where everyone enjoys spending their ...

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RCS Offers Brand Ownership Via Mobile Reach

By Hanna Walther, Ytel  |  

Google’s new Rich Communication Services (RCS) messaging platform is a stellar combination of the worldwide reach of SMS and the unique and engaging features of messaging apps. RCS...

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The Trickle Down Effect of Company Culture

By Sean Dailey, Ytel  |  

Let me start by saying, I believe culture is a team sport. It’s a top down and a bottom up, conscientious effort to make things better. However, leadership is directly responsible ...

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