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How to Earn (and Keep!) Loyal Customers

By Chris McInally, Ytel  |  

A repeat customer costs around 90% less to keep than the cost of obtaining a new prospect. With these kinds of savings, doesn't it seem like good business to learn how to earn and ...

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Small Talk: Keeping your Customers Engaged

By Call Criteria, a Ytel Content Partner  |  

Small talk is a gift not everyone is blessed with, but as a customer service agent, should be prioritized. There is a fine line between purposeful small talk with customers, and ju...

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a Few of Our Engineer's Favorite Things

By Jon Molina, Ytel  |  

One of Ytel's stellar Engineers, Jon Molina, is on the blog today, sharing some go-to software, apps, resources and technology in his secret arsenal. We're excited to share this wi...

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Common Performance Metrics for Agents: Part 2

By Alex Treichler, Ytel  |  

Commonly used metrics in the call center will help managers and owners determine who the successful agents are, where the weaknesses lie, and what needs to be improved upon. There ...

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Best Tech & Tools for Your Startup Team

By Wes Wise, Ytel  |  

If you're a part of a startup team, you know how key organization is for success and growth. If so, this post is for you! We're sharing our favorite tools, apps, and software that ...

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Why Video is Essential to Content Marketing

By Tyler Holliday, Ytel  |  

Take a good look at the leading companies in your industry -  you may note that some of them are moving into video as a primary content marketing feature. Follow the example of suc...

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Why You Should Text Your Customers

By Gino Aielli, Drips  |  

When it comes to communicating with customers, you should be putting their wants and needs before your own. The numbers show that text messages are consistently being opened, read,...

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Select Key Metrics to Manage Agents: Part 1

By Alex Treichler, Ytel  |  

Arguably the most important part of running and maintaining a successful call center are employing agents and having attainable goals for these agents to work towards. In the first...

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The 5 Best Social Media Tools for Marketers

By Megan Murphy, Ytel  |  

Your responsibilities as a marketer or social media manager can't be simply defined in a few sentences or a generic job description; as social media changes frequently, your role d...

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The Value Behind Promotional Swag

By Vanny Uat, Ytel  |  

Think about a time when you received free swag from a company. Pretty cool, right? The benefits of handing out promotional materials to customers, vendors, leads, partners and frie...

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