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5 Mistakes Your Agents Should NOT Make

By Brian Keep, Ytel  |  

While there are endless recommendations and tips we can give you on things to teach your call center agents, how to train them and resources to provide for education and call handl...

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Keep Your Virtual Teams Fulfilled & Challenge...

By Matt Grofsky, Ytel  |  

With the power of technology at our fingertips more than ever before, virtual teams are popping up all over the globe and allowing companies to grow, scale, and offer much more fro...

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Culture Indicators & How to Find Them

By Sean Dailey, Ytel  |  

So you've got an interview with a company who claims to have exceedingly awesome culture. Before you buy what they're selling, do yourself a favor and do some Googling and find out...

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4 New Call Center Myths Debunked

By Patrick Kennedy, Ytel  |  

The speculation behind call centers, the services they offer, outsourcing vs. in-house and everything in between can fuel a lot of rumors and myths that get mixed up with the truth...

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5 Ways Social Media Can Improve Productivity

By Hanna Smolan, Ytel  |  

Social media has many uses, and quite a few of them are customer facing. Although you can aggregate a great deal of data about your customer base through your social outreach, you ...

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Call Centers: not-so-secret ingredient to CX ...

By Brian Keep, Ytel  |  

Your call center is the only customer outreach platform that spans throughout the entire sales funnel. From customer acquisition to loyalty programs, customer experience lives and ...

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The Value of Brand in a World Built On Consum...

By Wes Wise, Ytel  |  

Are you following your best responding customers throughout their entire customer journey? If not, then you may never truly understand the nuances of branding your products and com...

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Direct Mail Marketing & Send with Scout

By Send With Scout  |  

Maybe you’ve heard other marketers ask what direct mail marketing is or maybe you stumbled here from a Google search. We’ve got a primer from one of our partners, Send With Scout, ...

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4 Ways to Bring Fitness to the Workplace

By Tyler Holliday, Ytel  |  

Encouraging fitness in the workplace is something we're seeing companies do more and more of in recent years, and it makes a lot of sense. With all the discoveries in medicine, hea...

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Agent Scripts: Strict vs. Personalized

By Call Criteria, a Ytel Content Partner  |  

Scripts are representations of information to be laid out while conversing with prospects or customers. They cover details from greetings to various customer service policies and w...

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