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Craft a Highly Converting Ringless Voicemail ...

By Hanna Walther, Ytel  |  

Arguably the most important part of a ringless voicemail campaign is the script used to deliver said voicemail. Crafting a converting script is definitely an art form; there are se...

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From SMS to Messaging Apps & Now... RCS

By Brian Keep, Ytel  |  

RCS combines the universal adoption of SMS with the feature richness of messaging apps to deliver the next generation of text messaging. But RCS isn’t just an SMS replacement, it’s...

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Dedicated & Shared Short Codes: Business Bene...

By Matt Grofsky, Ytel  |  

As you may know, short codes are a proven successful method of communicating with leads through SMS for businesses. Today we're breaking down the two types of short code: dedicated...

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Best Practices For Opt-Ins In Marketing Campa...

By Richard Kaplan, Ytel  |  

Once you’ve planned to incorporate short code into your marketing mix, the next step is generating a distribution list to enroll in your SMS campaigns. This is where consent and re...

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A Secret Marketing & Sales Power Tool: RVM

By Tyler Holliday, Ytel  |  

If your sales team spends substantially more time making calls and leaving messages than closing deals, ringless voicemail is a weapon that should be added to your arsenal. For mor...

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SMS Campaigns Powered by the Ytel API

By Jeremy Bradley, Ytel  |  

In an age of instant gratification and information overload, it’s no surprise that people respond better with immediate contact after filling out a form on your landing page, inqui...

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Ytel Smart Support Powers through 2017

By Eric Madura, Ytel  |  

2017 was a fantastic year for Ytel Smart Support, our Customer Service and Support team. We take great pride in our Support being the best in the industry and we continue achieving...

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Culture is More than Just a Ping Pong Table 

By Sean Dailey, Ytel  |  

Far too often, companies in search of a cultural identity try to create or inspire it by adding something fun or hip to their office. Something that only instills the wow factor, i...

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SMS for Sales: A Prospecting Dream

By Adam Johnson, Ytel  |  

Building relationships and communicating succinctly are fundamental for sales to hit their goals. Testing the best channel to use for sales KPIs can be a task unto itself, but that...

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Custom Dial Types for Lead Gen Facilitation

By Patrick Kennedy, Ytel  |  

An outbound call center finds its strength in the puzzle piece that many other communication methods lack - true human interaction. With agents fielding calls and interacting with ...

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